You have reached If you are of an earth-friendly mind at all, you will want to know what this is all about.

Compressed air engines are a step above the “hybrid” engine systems such as in a Prius or Insight. In those systems, the eco-friendly image comes from the electric power element – which reduces the need for fuel burning by capturing, storing and then using energy in a very expensive (about $5,000) and environmentally UNfriendly battery (with a life-after-death of approximately forever).

Enter the Compressed Air Engine. Like the “hybrid”, it reduces the need to burn fuel, but instead of capturing and storing energy in a battery that will forever be a source or ugliness and contamination after it’s life has been spent, the Compressed Air Engine compresses and stores air, and channels this air back out through the engine to power the car.


$2.00 to drive 100 miles !!!!!!



How To Convert Your Car To The Air Engine. Learn About The Concept Of Powering Your Car With Compressed Air Instead Of Combustible Fuel While Exploring 15 Different Patents That Have Been Filed Regarding This Technology Starting In 1976. Click Here!



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How about Water for Gas?

Would you like to double your fuel efficiency? Now, for less than $100, you can add a device to your car, truck, van or SUV that uses water to increase fuel efficiency. This device will convert, using power from your catalytic converter, the water into hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen is funneled into the pistons and mixed with your fuel. For no extra cost, besides water, you can double your fuel efficiency. Click here (scroll to bottom the landing page) to purchase plans for how to convert your car into a water-eater. These plans give a detailed explanation of how to add this amazing fuel additive device to your vehicle. For more information, click here.


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